Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane challenges the perception of poetry as we know it

"The kind of poetry we’re all used to being exposed to was pretty toxic, really, and I wanted to flip that on its head."

Lena Nahlous from Diversity Arts Australia


Australia’s arts are still failing when it comes to diversity. But Lena Nahlous says there are other ways to look at it. 

While the arts landscape has changed a lot since she kicked off her career two decades ago, the struggle to diversify it beyond what Nahlous calls a ‘Euro-American canon’ is still ongoing.


Humour without borders – Meet China's first multilingual comedian

“Comedy is a very beautiful form of art, where you communicate with people through making them laugh. That requires a strong grasp of language and also the understanding of the culture,” multilingual comedian Norah Yang says.

 Heather Mitchell as Ruth Bader Ginsberg


“I needed to tap into who she was as a woman herself”: Heather Mitchell on playing the iconic RBG

The first time Heather Mitchell played Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she wanted to represent her well. The second time around, she wants to play her well.

Astrid founder Lisa Nguyen


Meet Lisa Nguyen, the founder of the first female-led cannabis dispensary in Australia

The stoner image, from Seth Rogen in the Pineapple Express to Snoop Dogg anywhere and everywhere, is distinctly male. But Lisa Nguyen, a reluctant pharmacist come enthusiastic cannabis entrepreneur, wants to change that perception.


Heather Hillier on The Road to Patagonia, and motherhood

The first thing that strikes me about Heather Hillier is how calm she is, when she joins our Zoom call from her friend's place in the Northern Rivers, in New South Wales, Australia.

Madison Griffiths


Madison Griffiths on International Women's Day, exploring Our Bodies, and what's next

'My relationship to all of my critical thought really starts with the body and how different bodies, particularly those people from marginalised backgrounds, interact with the world at large.'


Music does wonders for your brain. Here’s how it works

As artists like Taylor Swift, Stormzy and Fred Again grace our shores, psychologist and Flow State Space founder Rashida Dungarwalla reflects on one of her core passions: the psychology of music.


Between The Sheets: "I feel PMDD has neutered me"

Would you be able to cope with having the energy for sex only five days a month?


Death doulas to funeral parties: Chatting Grave Matters with Nadine Cohen and Anthony Levin

At Missing Perspectives this week, we want to chat about death doulas. Yes, you read that right.