Should you and your partner share values and beliefs? Discussing the 2024 dating trends with Bumble

Dating app Bumble’s newly-released report of dating trends for 2024 suggests next year "is set to be the year of ‘self’ in dating and relationships, with more people looking inwards at what they value and want." In partnership with Bumble.


Do you need to love yourself before loving others?

A couple of days ago, we asked you, our audience a deceptively simple question; 'Do you have to love yourself before loving others?' This was prompted by some team banter between the four of us, trying to decide where we sat on the issue, particularly through the lens of romantic love.


The pressures female athletes face in their late twenties

Being an athlete and an ageing female athlete is kind of terrifying - if we're being honest. Whether it's the pressure of your ticking fertility clock or the thought of the next young gun coming to take your spot, it's a reality we all face.


Mariam Veiszadeh is getting the recognition she deserves

Mariam Veiszadeh, CEO of Media Diversity Australia - a trailblazing leader at the forefront of advocating for systemic change across Australian media to stamp out racism, was crowned the overall winner at the Asian-Australian Leadership Awards on Wednesday.

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‘Opening Round’ of the AFL will soon be closed

Even without the proposed ‘Round Zero’ name, the AFL’s Opening Round is unsustainable. Dubbed a ‘horrible, horrible’ idea by one Reddit user, the new approach to opening the AFL season could see the league lose loyal fans.

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Left behind: Young girls everywhere need to have access to the HPV vaccine

As we observe Cervical Cancer Elimination Day of Action, there is a pressing need to ensure that all women everywhere have access to the HPV vaccine, along with appropriate screening and treatment to prevent unnecessary deaths. Report from the Pacific Friends of Global Health.

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What’s next? - The road to reconciliation without a Voice to Parliament

In light of the result of the Voice referendum, leading Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) consultant and founder of Nganya, Dixie Crawford explains why RAPs are more vital than ever.


How a young female founder built - and sold - an app to change the Gen Z fitness game

Cara Davies was frustrated with the state of digital fitness for Gen Z. At 21, she started an app called Steppen, scaled it to over 400,000 downloads, and successfully sold it two years later. Here's how she did it.

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Should we include trigger and content warnings as a feature on Missing Perspectives’ articles and social media content?

The use of trigger and content warnings is widespread. But new evidence suggests that they might be counter-productive in what they're trying to achieve, or even irrelevant to the aim of reducing distress in readers. So, should we use them or not?