What Australia Doesn’t Know: My Lived Experience Living on Nauru as a Child Refugee

The following opinion piece is based on real documentation of events. To protect our writer's name and identity, the piece is published anonymously. TW: Discussions of suicide and violence



While young women are strong advocates for change, young men are lagging behind

An alarming new survey, gathering data from twenty nations and published by the UN Women’s Unstereotype Alliance has found that antiquated views of gender have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic – and that young men are the ones who are lagging behind.



Missing Perspectives in Australian Television: Hannah chats to Narelda, Melissa and Susan

Our Editor-in-Chief Hannah Diviney sat down with Narelda Jacobs, Susan Carland and Melissa Leong to talk about their new show Dinner Guest. On Dinner Guest, Narelda, Susan and Melissa discuss society, culture, politics, work, families, beliefs - everything that makes us human.



Angela Greenlees on corporate perception versus reality for women in the construction industry

Angela Greenlees is a project manager and civil engineer working in civil infrastructure delivery in Sydney, Australia, who wants to see tangible change for women in the construction industry.



Dr Joyce Yu: Response to the 2021 Australian National Student Safety Survey

Six years ago, I sat in my university college dorm room trying to process the increasingly intense conversations...



We spoke to young women about the Australian federal election because no-one else was going to do it

In the last week before the electoral roll closed in April, over 80,000 young Australians enrolled to vote. This was...



Breaking the Bias: Reflecting on International Women’s Day

Hi friends! It’s been a busy time in the world of Missing Perspectives, working out how to cement ourselves as a...



Brenda Gaddi on need for intersectional, female-led politics and founding Women of Colour Australia

Brenda Gaddi is the Founder and Managing Director of Women of Colour Australia



In my shoes: My intersectionality, my experiences, my journey

Harpreet Kaur Dhillon is a community organiser and student, currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Gender Studies and Criminology.