Barbie 90th in a pink shirt

Hannah Diviney on Barbie

Missing Perspectives Editor-in-Chief reflects on how the film is a love letter to femininity and masculinity in equal measure.


The silent heartbreak that no one talks about: Hannah Diviney on friendship breakups

Missing Perspectives Editor-in-Chief Hannah Diviney sat down with Lucille McCart, Head of APAC Communications for Bumble, to talk all things female friendships, loneliness, and breakups.


Greater progress is needed to retain female talent in the media industry

A new report by the Australian advocacy organisation Women in Media has shown entrenched and ongoing issues within the media industry, with one-third of women surveyed wanting to leave their roles because of a lack of opportunities.

A woman passes a menstrual product to another.


It’s time we talked about periods: The case for standardised menstrual education in schools

Brought to you this Menstrual Hygiene Day by Missing Perspectives and Moxie.


Asking For It: In conversation with Tosca Looby

Why everyone with a TV or Internet connection needs to be watching 'Asking For It.' (Note - TW: sexual violence).