Soaliha Iqbal


First Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Then Fatima Payman. I Am Tired Of Seeing Women Like Me Vilified

"As a Muslim woman, knowing standing by my politics is a threat to inclusion is exhausting," writes Soaliha Iqbal.


Female swimmers are the backbone of Australia's Olympic legacy

The countdown is well and truly on until the Paris Olympics, which kicks off on July 26th. When Aussie women hit the pools, their performances will set the benchmark for the rest of the world. Lucy Small has the story.

MasterChef Australia 2024 judges


Poh Ling Yeow says MasterChef Australia 'represents multiculturalism at its best'

The cooking show has forged the culinary careers of herself and many other women of colour.


I moved for the job, but stayed for the Canberra lifestyle

I tell people the same thing over and over about Canberra: I moved for the job, but really stayed for the lifestyle. Seriously - bear with me.


Jessica Maguire on helping women to reset their nervous systems

In our latest Female Founders instalment, we spoke to Jessica Maguire about pivoting from life as a physiotherapist to building an online education platform that helps students beat burnout.

Antoinette Braybrook


With no First Nations women on a new domestic violence panel, advocates say the government has questions to answer

"The exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from this panel does little to ensure that our women can self-determine the ‘solutions’ needed for our recovery and our healing," says Antoinette Braybrook.


"That's what Barty does for our mob": The significance of Ash Barty's return to Wimbledon 

A little Blak kid got to sit in the stands and watch another little Blak kid making history. That’s what Barty does for our mob. 


Kathleen Casford on the power of inclusive design

By taking small, thoughtful steps, we can all create designs that serve all members of our community.


Limitless: A future of one’s own for women’s sport

Missing Perspectives contributor and sports expert Kate May dared to ask herself: if you were to design women’s sport from the ground up and with no limitations, what would it look like? This manifesto is her answer.