Alicia Vrajlal
Editorial and Partnerships Lead, Missing Perspectives
Frankie Mazzone

Teen activist Frankie Mazzone is using her voice to shift the dial on trans rights 

Australia, Published July 18, 2024
She opens up about representation, coming out, and allyship.
MasterChef Australia 2024 judges

Poh Ling Yeow says MasterChef Australia 'represents multiculturalism at its best'

Australia, Published July 2, 2024
The cooking show has forged the culinary careers of herself and many other women of colour.
Rayssa Leal

'Fairytale' viral sensation to breaking records: Brazilian skateboarder Rayssa Leal's rise to success

Global, Published June 30, 2024
The 16-year-old is one of 44 street skateboarders who have qualified to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Simone Biles in Simone Biles Rising documentary on Netflix

'Simone Biles Rising' documents the gymnast's powerful return to the spotlight at the Paris Olympics

Global, Published June 21, 2024
The four-part Netflix documentary will take viewers behind the scenes of Biles’ journey over the past four years.
Black Barbie documentary

'Black Barbie' director Lagueria Davis says "it's not surprising it took 21 years" for Mattel to create the first Black Barbie

Australia, Published June 19, 2024
Davis' new documentary from Netflix and Shondaland fills a crucial gap in the discussion – Black representation in the Barbie universe and how it all began. 
Exposure star Alice Englert

Actor Alice Englert says 'I'd been preparing my whole life' for her role in new TV series Exposure

Australia, Published June 14, 2024
The Australian actor may be known to some as the daughter of director Jane Campion, but she's continuing to carve out her own creative mark in this show about grief, sex and the power of women.
Taz Zammit and Alessia Allfree

TikTok couple Taz and Alessia on navigating mental health and social media as content creators

Australia, Published June 10, 2024
"The crossover between us being women and also being queer has definitely had an impact on how we’ve been received on the internet."
Melissa Leong in The Hospital: In The Deep End

'How do you prepare for something like this?' Melissa Leong trades the kitchen for hospital in new docu-series

Australia, Published June 6, 2024
Melissa Leong, best known for her work as a judge on the hugely popular MasterChef series, says new show The Hospital: In The Deep End was her 'deepest' and 'most intense' work assignment to date.
Mary Fowler in Trailblazers documentary

Matildas documentary Trailblazers amplifies the conversation around women in sport – but it shouldn't end there

Australia, Published June 4, 2024
Documentary Australia's impact-focused campaign aiming to inspire viewers to “Blaze a Trail” for gender equality.
MasterChef Australia 2024 judge Poh Ling Yeow

Poh Ling Yeow on the emotional process of filming MasterChef as a judge

Australia, Published May 23, 2024
"I'm holding back tears every single episode because there's something about that kitchen that will never fail to affect me."

Meet Dr Lilani Arulkadacham - A trailblazer in democratising the study of psychology

Australia, Published May 23, 2024
Trailblazing women like Dr Arulkadacham are democratising psychology education - and through online psychology courses, Dr Arulkadacham hopes to empower more women to enter the field
Emma Tindale

'I’m learning to back myself': Emma Tindale's painting her own future one portrait at a time

Australia, Published May 17, 2024
"When I was deciding what career path to choose, I was scared of the risks that come with creative work."