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Opinion: International students are not the problem – How Australia treats us is

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he is “unashamedly” slashing international student visa numbers to “restore public confidence in the migration system”.

Liandra Swim at 2024 Australian Fashion Week


'It shouldn't stop us': The rise of Liandra Gaykamangu's swimwear label as it makes its solo runway debut at Australian Fashion Week

The Yolŋu woman speaks about carving out her fashion career when "being a woman, being a brown woman, being young and also having a young family" can so easily – and unfairly – put you on the back foot.


So, are women really budget winners? 

Watching the budget last night, it is clear that the Treasurer understands the big challenges facing women in this country. The Government is listening, and they want women to feel heard. But does the pace match the urgency?

A few Australian money (AUD) stock photos we are ALWAYS looking for around here. Maybe you’ll find them useful too.


What was there to know about women’s health and women's issues in the 2024-25 budget?

Treasurer Jim Chalmers handed down a budget delivering a $9.3 billion surplus, which invests in women's safety, economic security and health.


Meet Muslim Women Australia frontline worker Feda

Muslim Women Australia works predominantly with women from migrant and refugee backgrounds, also known as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD).


The Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service

In 2022, the NSW Government committed funding to establish the WDVCAS Hearing Support pilot in half of all NSW local courts.

Momma’s support your future


We’re stuck with the question of whether or not to have children – and no, it’s not our fault

We’re addicted to asking all of the questions: “Will you do it?” “What has your friend said about it?” “When do you think you’ll go through with it?”

Gail Thorne


'We’re there from start to finish': A look inside the First Nations Women’s Legal Program

This program, within the Women's Legal Service in western Sydney, exists because of the disproportionate representation of First Nations women when it comes to domestic violence.

Sorry my weekend is all “booked”


How writing a book introduced me to my mum

While it has been incredibly rewarding having interactions with a broader community in speaking about complex mental health conditions and the issues with Australia’s mental healthcare system, connecting more with my mum has been the greatest reward of the process.


How a tragic accident shifted a mother-daughter relationship forever

For Mother's Day, journalist Ruby Randall speaks to Jess Stansfield about how to go about honouring a mother who may be physically present, but due to unlucky circumstances, is emotionally and spiritually absent.