Phoebe Saintilan

Tina Rahimi on being the first female Muslim boxer to represent Australia

News, Published March 20, 2023
Phoebe: How did you get into boxing? How long was it between your first boxing experience and your first ever...

How one woman is changing the lives of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable children

News, Published February 22, 2023
In conversation with Freshta Karim.

From Outrage to Opportunity: The Missing Perspectives of Women in News

News, Published December 19, 2022
A groundbreaking new report From Outrage to Opportunity: How to Include The Missing Perspectives of Women of All...

While young women are strong advocates for change, young men are lagging behind

News, Published July 7, 2022
An alarming new survey, gathering data from twenty nations and published by the UN Women’s Unstereotype Alliance has found that antiquated views of gender have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic – and that young men are the ones who are lagging behind.

Taya Olman on empowering Aboriginal girls and women in remote communities

Opinion, Published September 3, 2021
Proud Wilman Noongar woman, Taya Olman, is a Program Assistant for Shooting Stars, an education engagement program that empowers Aboriginal girls and women in regional and remote communities to make informed choices about their education and employment journey.

EXCLUSIVE: In conversation with the team behind Khabar Lahariya

Opinion, Published July 25, 2021
What led to the establishment of Khabar Lahariya? Khabar Lahariya was started because of three primary reasons: To...

Myna Mahila on addressing stigma around menstruation in India and empowering young women

Opinion, Published June 28, 2021
The Mynha Mahila Foundation is an Indian organisation which empowers women by encouraging discussion of taboo subjects like menstruation, and by running workshops to produce low-cost sanitary protection to enable girls to stay in school.