Bumble Give Me A Buzz podcast hosts Lucille McCart and Chantelle Otten

Lucille McCart and Chantelle Otten. Photo: Supplied/Bumble

"Conversations that many shy away from": Bumble's Give Me A Buzz podcast promises to dig deep into the dating game

From ethical non-monogamy to body positivity and dating with a disability, sexologist Chantelle Otten and Lucille McCart say nothing is off limits.

The dating game is exhilarating, but let’s face it, can also be daunting or challenging at the best of times. With social media trends and technological advances, it’s as complex as it is exciting these days. But that’s not always a bad thing. The complexities open the door for diverse discourse around relationships in the modern day, and that’s exactly what dating app Bumble is leaning into with a new podcast.

Hostesd by Bumble’s dating expert, Lucille McCart and the brand’s resident sexologist, Chantelle Otten, the podcast called Give Me A Buzz aims to dig deep into various topics that intersect with dating, but perhaps aren’t always as openly spoken about. These include ethical non-monogamy, body positivity, dating with a disability, the intersection between astrology and compatibility, sexting etiquette and digital consent, modern masculinity, dating safety. 

“We know that 2024 is the year of the self in dating, and we’re seeing Australians feeling more empowered in the way they date, prioritising what they value and want,” says McCart in an official press statement.

“We hope that Give Me A Buzz will help listeners navigate finding the kind of meaningful connections they want, whether that is through dissecting shared experiences, reframing dating challenges and relieving pressures, and help remind singles of how to make their dating experiences lighter, easier and more fun.”

Otten adds that the podcast “is all about addressing what's missing in discussions around modern dating, relationships, sex, and everything that falls in between”.

“We wanted it to be a straightforward yet fun and engaging podcast for conversations that many shy away from,” she says. “I'm optimistic about dating today and believe there's a lot to look forward to.” 

Like many podcasts, there’s a rotation of guests featured on Give Me A Buzz, with the aim of elevating diverse lived experiences that inform the viewpoints on the topic areas discussed. Guests include our very own Editor-In-Chief, Hannah Diviney, as well as former MasterChef star Khanh Ong, body confidence advocate Milo Hartil, Cheek Media founder Hannah Ferguson, queer artist Kath Ebbs, consent advocate Chanel Contos and more. 

The first episode of Give Me A Buzz drops April 23 and is available to listen or subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts.