"It's very personal to me": Mackenzie Arnold and Audika announce a game-changing global partnership

Mackenzie Arnold has not only become a role model for women around the world but has also established a role for herself as an advocate and ambassador for hearing loss.

In the unlikely chance Mackenzie Arnold is NOT on your radar, let us get you up to speed STAT. The Matildas' Goalkeeper, Mackenzie quickly earned the nickname of Minister of Defence during the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup (and you can probably imagine why). She was already the Queen of our hearts, and then this happened.

Mackenzie has not only become a role model for women in sport around the world, but has also established a role for herself as an advocate and ambassador for hearing loss. Mackenzie recently took to her social media to share her experience with hearing loss and her journey to hearing health, paving the way for breaking the stigma around hearing loss and inspiring young athletes everywhere.

Aside from the Women's World Cup, Mackenzie's life changed this year when she received her first pair of hearing aids. "I think it was just something in the back of my mind that I was just like, I didn't think I wanted to believe it, but I think it was something [having her hearing checked] that I always knew I probably should get done," Arnold told ESPN. "I think the reality of it: I think in the back of my head I sort of knew that my hearing wasn't great, but I probably just didn't want to accept the fact that I might need hearing aids," she said.

"I always said to the girls: 'No, I'm not getting hearing aids. There's no point getting my hearing checked because I'm not going to get them anyway.' But I think it was the reality of it when she said: 'If you don't get these it is going to get worse.' So, I was almost left with no choice at that point; I wasn't going to keep going and just let my hearing get worse cause that's obviously affecting my quality of life."

Discussing the new partnership, Marketing Director for Audika Australia, Duncan Armour said, “We are proud to support Mackenzie with her hearing health as a part of our exciting new partnership. She is such an incredible athlete and role model for Australians, and we can’t wait to see how together we can raise awareness for hearing loss and support Australians on their journey to better health.” We honestly couldn't think of a better Ambassador who can use her amazing platform for good.

The partnership will see Audika and Mackenzie Arnold working together to destigmatise hearing loss and help more people hear better by encouraging Aussies to get their hearing checked. Audika kicked off the partnership by having her fitted with a hearing device at an Audika clinic in Perth. Mackenzie was equally excited about her role to elevate hearing loss among younger and older Australians.

“I’m thrilled to announce my new partnership with Audika today. Hearing loss is something I care deeply about, it’s very personal to me, and I hope to use my voice to inspire Australians to take care of their health and break the stigma around hearing loss. My brother has always worn hearing devices and was a big inspiration for me to get my hearing checked. I hope to be a role model for other kids with hearing loss.” she said.