Inside Colombia's Estéreo Picnic Festival: A celebration of culture, youth, and female empowerment

Estéreo Picnic Festival isn't just a music festival; it's a celebration of empowerment, diversity, and cultural pride.

Nestled in the heart of Bogotá, Colombia, the Estéreo Picnic Festival emerges as a vibrant celebration of music and culture in Latin America. Each year, it attracts a diverse crowd eager to immerse themselves in electrifying performances and unforgettable experiences. This year, amidst the pulsating rhythms and dazzling lights, the festival took on an empowering tone, shining a spotlight on female artists and diverse voices in the music industry.

At this year's festival, Missing Perspectives captured the most vibrant moments of female empowerment. Here's a curated summary of the best moments, highlighting the power of representation and diverse narratives.

SZA's Dazzling Stage: One of the most anticipated moments at the festival was the performance by the talented African American artist, SZA. On a stage that resembled a sailboat, filled with lights in orange and coffee tones, her performance exuded elegance and sensuality. SZA transcends being just an artist; she is an icon of empowerment and authenticity. Her performance testified to freedom and personal expression, reminding us that music reflects our deepest experiences and emotions.

The Latina Star: Another highly anticipated artist was Nicki Nicole, the undisputed queen of trap and reggaeton. With her overflowing charisma and undeniable talent, she captivated the audience. At 23, this Argentine has conquered the world of urban music, challenging gender stereotypes and paving the way for women in a male-dominated genre. Her gesture of inviting two fans onstage resonated deeply, demonstrating that female empowerment and sisterhood are tangible realities.

The Power of Afro-Colombian Identity: Verito Astrilla, the talented Afro-Colombian artist and emerging star, brought the flavor of the Colombian Pacific to every note of her hip-hop songs. With lyrics that exalt the strength and beauty of Afro-Colombian women, Verito has become a symbol of resistance and cultural pride. Her presence on stage not only inspired attendees but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of representing Afro-Latin culture in the Latin American music scene.

Sam Smith's Decade of Music Liberation: Sam Smith delivered one of the most acclaimed performances, marking their 10-year career anniversary. From "Latch" to "Stay with Me," their setlist was a journey through a decade of hits and emotions. However, it was Smith's liberating dance during "Unholy," clad in a dress, that stole the show. Smith's own words, "This is a space where we celebrate freedom, the freedom to be who we are," resonated deeply, creating an unforgettable moment of unity and celebration.

Fashion Forward: Besides the music, the festival buzzed with excitement over the stunning outfits worn by attendees. Many spent months crafting their looks, seeing it as a unique opportunity for self-expression. One attendee remarked, "Here, you can truly be yourself, unlike on the street where it might feel strange or unsafe." Fashion became a vibrant expression of identity, ranging from unconventional to artist-inspired styles, celebrating authenticity and diversity at every turn.

Building a Better Future: The festival's theme, "A Different World," underscored its commitment to fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future. From stringent security measures to prominent displays of LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter flags, the event was dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity. In essence, the festival conveyed a strong message: though progress is needed in Latin America, the collective spirit of young attendees signals a steadfast commitment to a better, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

In conclusion, Estéreo Picnic Festival isn't just a music festival; it's a celebration of empowerment, diversity, and cultural pride. Through electrifying performances, bold fashion statements, and a commitment to social responsibility, Estéreo Picnic inspires attendees to embrace their individuality and work towards a brighter, more inclusive future.