Zoe Simmons

Zoe Simmons is an award-winning journalist, editor, copywriter, author, speaker and disability advocate. Having been published hundreds of time around the globe--including by news.com.au, Daily Mail, New York Post, 9Honey, ABC, Mamamia, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, New Idea, That's Life and more--Zoe knows how to capture audiences through the raw power of storytelling. She speaks and writes candidly about her experineces with disability, mental illness, autism and chronic pain to smash stigma, create change, and show others they're not alone. When not running her copywriting business, writing articles or speaking at events, Zoe can be found writing books (she's been published in six), and working on her first book about her experience as a disabled journalist in the 2019/2020 Australian Black Summer Bushfires.

Check out her website www.ZoeSimmons.com.au or follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok @SomethingBeginningWithZ, Twitter @ItBeginsWithZ and Facebook @ZoeSimmonsJournalist