Rosie MacLeod

Had I no creative itches, I could live with being bored. London-based freelance journalist with a strong background in covering women’s issues, the EU, popular culture and running around Westminster with a voice recorder. I write regularly for ShoutOut UK, Women On Writing and have made radio reports for Global and Making Contact. Speaking of which, I am on; X: @RosieMacLeod4; Instagram: rosie.macleod.3 


Birth control pills

Healthcare freedom: Contraceptive pills now free in the UK

Global, Published November 22, 2023
Thinking of women’s healthcare items as a luxury and not a necessity has extended to how we think about women’s healthcare and well-being. Free contraceptive pills are a good start. But there’s a long way to go in the fight for healthcare freedom.

Padding it out: The fight for period dignity

Global, Published November 20, 2023
Normalising period dignity helps to keep women healthy, safe and solvent. Knowing the risks of withholding free products makes clear just how urgent and crucial these resources are.