Roberta Staley
I am a freelance magazine writer, author and documentary filmmaker, specializing in international reportage. I have covered such topics as female genital mutilation, elephant conservation, female conservation rangers, climate change, animal rights, witch burnings in Papua New Guinea, Afghan women’s rights, transgender surgery, and children’s oral health in the developing world, among other subjects. I can be reached at My website is:
A woman holding a baby

What it's like working in a hospital in Gaza

Global, Published March 1, 2024
Roberta Staley sits down with Canadian physician Dr. Fozia Alvi to talk about what she witnessed working on the frontlines in Gaza.

Men are critical allies in the fight against FGM

Global, Published February 5, 2023
On International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, a Kenyan anti-FGM activist says that men are key to stopping this barbaric practice.