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Camille Goldstone-Henry on building the Canva of biodiversity

Australia, Published July 10, 2024
Xylo Systems is a first of its kind software tool for tracking biodiversity. Here, Xylo founder Camille drops some hard-won wisdom four years into her entrepreneurial journey.

Jessica Maguire on helping women to reset their nervous systems

Australia, Published June 28, 2024
In our latest Female Founders instalment, we spoke to Jessica Maguire about pivoting from life as a physiotherapist to building an online education platform that helps students beat burnout.

Nina Khoury on what she’s learned about business working at SKIMS

Global, Published June 22, 2024
SKIMS, the shapewear brand co-founded by Kim Kardashian, Jens, and Emma Grede, has redefined Spanx for a new generation. In the latest installment of our female founders series, NY-based Nina sheds light on what it’s like to work inside one of the world’s fastest growing consumer brands.
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New report finds growing distrust in news and divergence between young men and women

Australia, Published June 16, 2024
The 2024 Digital News Report, which dives into news media trends and consumption habits, has found a growing gender gap in news interest between Gen Z men and women, and nearly one in four Australians are now exclusively relying on social media to get their news.

New research from Women's Environmental Leadership Australia highlights the intersection between gender and climate change

Australia, Published June 13, 2024
A new report from Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) has found that harnessing gender diverse leadership is a powerful and essential opportunity to ensure that Australia's response to climate-related challenges is more equitable and effective.

Rachel Castelino on starting her own drinks brand Blume from scratch

Australia, Published May 24, 2024
As major US retailers like Whole Foods and Erewhon take alt-drinks to a whole new level, Rachel Castelino wants to bring Aussies on a similar journey with her new prebiotic fizz.

Ambassador Geeta Rao Gupta on advocating for women during times of pushback

Global, Published May 16, 2024
Picture this: you're the United States Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues in a post Covid era where climate change looms large, and we're heading into a Biden-Trump Presidential election. Now meet the woman for who this is true: Dr Geeta Rao Gupta.

5 Things I Learned from Kirsha Kaechele, the artistic icon behind the Mona Ladies Lounge exhibit

Australia, Published May 9, 2024
I think - nay, I hope - that I saw my future.

Lucy Mort on what it takes to build an app to rival Instagram and OnlyFans

Australia, Published May 9, 2024
Sunroom has raised $10.4 million to support its team of seven in creating a brand new way for women to make money from their sexuality, emotional labour, and expertise online. Lucy's humble, she's ambitious, and oh boy – does she have a ton of founder wisdom to share.

Tamara Winter on how book publishing and tech are more interconnected than we realise

Australia, Published May 9, 2024
During her trip to Sydney from New York, Missing Perspectives stepped inside The Stripe Press commissioning editor's world. From getting to meet legends of the investing world like Charlie Munger to connecting with founders in Pakistan, Tammy loves disseminating big ideas through books.
Astrid founder Lisa Nguyen

Meet Lisa Nguyen, the founder of the first female-led cannabis dispensary in Australia

Australia, Published March 20, 2024
The stoner image, from Seth Rogen in the Pineapple Express to Snoop Dogg anywhere and everywhere, is distinctly male. But Lisa Nguyen, a reluctant pharmacist come enthusiastic cannabis entrepreneur, wants to change that perception.
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Sam Kerr’s ACL injury is not an isolated case for female athletes

Global, Published February 28, 2024
Young women playing soccer, basketball and volleyball suffer tears to their ACL up to eight times as often as men playing the same sports. Girls and women wanting to enter – and stick with – their beloved sports can learn from those who've come before them.