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Astrid founder Lisa Nguyen

Meet Lisa Nguyen, the founder of the first female-led cannabis dispensary in Australia

Australia, Published March 20, 2024
The stoner image, from Seth Rogen in the Pineapple Express to Snoop Dogg anywhere and everywhere, is distinctly male. But Lisa Nguyen, a reluctant pharmacist come enthusiastic cannabis entrepreneur, wants to change that perception.
chicago red stars

Sam Kerr’s ACL injury is not an isolated case for female athletes

Global, Published February 28, 2024
Young women playing soccer, basketball and volleyball suffer tears to their ACL up to eight times as often as men playing the same sports. Girls and women wanting to enter – and stick with – their beloved sports can learn from those who've come before them.

How Jenny Nguyen turned The Sports Bra from a running joke with friends into a real-life sports bar

Global, Published December 20, 2023
Thinking about opening the bar you needed when you were younger is one thing. But taking the leap – and it being a raging success – is another. Jenny Nguyen shared with Missing Perspectives how she started and built the world's first-ever women-only sports bar.
Quiet mornings with coffee and book.

Should we include trigger and content warnings as a feature on Missing Perspectives’ articles and social media content?

Australia, Published November 15, 2023
The use of trigger and content warnings is widespread. But new evidence suggests that they might be counter-productive in what they're trying to achieve, or even irrelevant to the aim of reducing distress in readers. So, should we use them or not?

Elizabeth Allen on working with former President Barack Obama, boosting women in the White House, and the importance of diplomacy

Global, Published November 1, 2023
Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like to be Vice President Kamala Harris’ Communications Director? Or work directly with President Barack Obama? To organize a lunch with Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama? Or be the United States Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs?

SXSW Sydney: The Myth of the Single User

Australia, Published October 27, 2023
Human beings are so different, but creators of technology often build everything from iPhones to VR headsets with just one single user in mind. Extended Reality (XR), however, can help us to better embrace diverse minds and bodies.

Want a world with more care, connection, and intimacy? Then we need to reimagine masculinity

Australia, Published October 18, 2023
At SXSW Sydney, a conference focused on optimistic visions of the future across tech, startups, culture and more, Teach Us Consent founder Chanel Contos, Movember expert Dr. Zac Seidler and human rights advocate and "Not One More Niki" co-founder Tarang Chawla unpacked masculinity.