Hannah Diviney
Hannah Diviney is a writer, disability advocate, the Editor In Chief here at Missing Perspectives and an actress.

Chanel Contos on Consent Laid Bare

Australia, Published February 16, 2024
Chanel's new book is a manifesto full of personal stories, cutting-edge research and harrowing evidence, all about unpacking where we are in terms of the complex minefield that can be consent.

Crystal Nguyen on the importance of representation in the media that needs it the most

Australia, Published February 16, 2024
There's a shared understanding throughout our conversation about the significance of Decks as a character in Eddie's Lil Homies that between us could remain unsaid, but I have to ask.

Breaking the internet: Beyoncé is releasing Renaissance Act II, March 29

Global, Published February 12, 2024
Beyoncé has announced that she's releasing a country-inspired album, the second instalment of Renaissance, next month - all during Verizon's Super Bowl commercial.

The 2024 Grammys were a celebration of female musicians and storytelling

Global, Published February 12, 2024
Overall, the Grammys were a glorious celebration of women in music and a sign that disrespecting or doubting and trivialising female storytelling is something to be done at your peril. Watch out, women ARE the music industry.

In conversation with rising star and Green Dot author Madeleine Gray

Australia, Published February 1, 2024
Ultimately, this is the kind of book that will have you staring into space after you finish it. As one Goodreads user so eloquently put it, "This book was beautiful but destroyed me and now I don't know what to do or think or say to anyone." I do. Read this book now.
The cast of The Dry 2: Force of Nature

Jane Harper on how women are 'the whole catalyst' of The Dry 2's compelling story

Australia, Published February 1, 2024
Writer Jane Harper and producer Jodi Matterson take us behind the scenes of the film adaptation of The Dry 2: Force of Nature.

Just FYI, we think 'Hightown' should be your next binge watch

Global, Published January 29, 2024
With diverse people in control, who are at least in part led by lived experience (Raymund's character Jackie Quiñones' struggle with sobriety is informed by Cutter's own), representation feels natural. It's less about ticking a box or making a point and just about letting people exist in the world as they are.
Taylor S <3

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Taylor Swift Fanposium

Australia, Published January 25, 2024
RMIT's Taylor Swift academic conference, Swiftposium, is handing the power over to fans with a dedicated 'Fanposium'.

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie being snubbed at the Oscars proves the whole point of 'Barbie'

Global, Published January 24, 2024
It’s hard not to hope this is one final masterful ploy, a punking set to prove the pervasiveness of patriarchy, delivered with a wink and a nod to the audience that will soon be revealed to have all been a game. But nothing comes. 

It's Boy Swallows Universe actor Millie Donaldson's time to shine

Australia, Published January 9, 2024
Amongst a star-studded cast in Netflix's adaptation of Trent Dalton's book, Millie Donaldson is one to watch.

Without recognising America Ferrera, are the Golden Globes missing the whole point of Barbie?

Global, Published January 7, 2024
"Seeing women of colour on screen is the first part of true and meaningful representation. It’s hard to not feel disheartened when so much fanfare, buzz and industry value is attached to awards show recognition."

Missing Perspectives Wrapped (2023 Version)

Australia, Published December 21, 2023
And just like that…we’re wrapping up 2023. What a year huh? Team MP doubled, we went on our first overseas trip as a company, launched an app, flew to viral heights all thanks to an unsuspecting sports bar in Portland, Oregon, launched an epic new podcast project and welcomed an unprecedented number of new faces to our feed thanks to the glitter of Barbie and the roar of the Matildas.