Hannah Diviney
Hannah Diviney is a writer, disability advocate, the Editor In Chief here at Missing Perspectives and an actress.

The Chiefs' silence over Butker's speech is the loudest noise of all

Global, Published May 20, 2024
Days have gone by without a statement in a world where silence (rightly or wrongly) equals complicity. Is this who the Chiefs are? Is this what they stand for? Do they agree with Butker?

In conversation with award-winning author Shankari Chandran

Australia, Published May 9, 2024
Shankari Chandran's 'Safe Haven' is a book that everyone should read the second it hits shelves. Trust me, we’ll all be the better for it.

Max McKenna on healing through theatre

Australia, Published April 19, 2024
Max McKenna chats to Hannah Diviney about their journey to self-discovery, the importance of non-binary representation, and their new show The Almighty Sometimes.

'There's been a cultural shift': Nina Oyama in conversation with Hannah Diviney

Australia, Published April 19, 2024
Nina Oyama first broke into comedy in 2012 as a rising star. Now, she's a master of her craft with multiple TV shows Utopia, Taskmaster Australia, and Deadloch under her belt and a new standup special: Nina Oyama - is Coming.
Chloe Hayden, Ayesha Madon and James Majoos in Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High Season 2 has helped heal wounds I never even knew were there

Australia, Published April 11, 2024
"There's a scene... that made my heart ache as a disabled person, all about the unseen mental gymnastics and emotional labour people in our community have to do just to function as a ‘normal teenager’."

Groove Tunes festival is centering artists and audiences with disabilities

Australia, Published April 10, 2024
People with disabilities to the front!
girl planing a week at home office in bright room

A new 60-day prescription policy may halve your visits to the GP and pharmacy

Australia, Published April 3, 2024
The changes will be particularly helpful for women living with conditions including epilepsy, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases and more.
Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane challenges the perception of poetry as we know it

Australia, Published March 28, 2024
"The kind of poetry we’re all used to being exposed to was pretty toxic, really, and I wanted to flip that on its head."
Madison Griffiths

Madison Griffiths on International Women's Day, exploring Our Bodies, and what's next

Australia, Published March 19, 2024
'My relationship to all of my critical thought really starts with the body and how different bodies, particularly those people from marginalised backgrounds, interact with the world at large.'

"Three Women" is your next must-watch on Stan

Australia, Published March 13, 2024
The spicy new series adapted from the book of the same name is a no-holds barred look at female desire. Author and showrunner Lisa Taddeo joined Booksmart to tell me all about it.

It's time for change at the Met Gala

Global, Published March 13, 2024
We don’t belong. We are not worthy. That’s the message of the inaccessibility of the Met Gala telegraphs. 

Women's sport comprises only 15 per cent of total sports news coverage, new research shows

Australia, Published March 3, 2024
In an analysis of media coverage of 20 sports, a new report from the Office for Women in Sport & Recreation in Victoria found that only four had "gender-balanced" coverage across 2022-23.