Elfy Scott

Freelance journalist, presenter, and author of 'The One Thing We've Never Spoken About'.

What’s in a language? Sometimes, an unspoken part of you

Australia, Published February 16, 2024
For Missing Perspectives columnist and author of ‘The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About’ Elfy Scott, learning to speak Bahasa, the national language of Indonesia, means more fully becoming herself.

Anjali Sharma, the youth climate activist leading a fight she shouldn't have to

Australia, Published January 30, 2024
"It’s not something that young people want to be doing with their time, but it’s... out of responsibility, out of fear, out of a wish for a future that is safe and liveable."

Melbourne bookstore controversy is a reminder of why Australia needs to value diversity in literature

Australia, Published January 30, 2024
The owner of a chain of bookstores has apologised after criticising books with a “woke agenda” and calling for more male-led books with “traditional nuclear white family stories” in a series of tweets posted late last year. 

Another Greta was robbed at the Oscars

Australia, Published January 29, 2024
While there are certainly choices that should be cause for celebration amongst the Oscars nominations, the decision to entirely overlook Greeta Lee – as well as Gerwig and Robbie – is a reminder of how deeply flawed the Oscars can be.
A lady signing a contract with a ballpoint pen.

Surrogacy in Australia: Is it legal and what else do we need to know?

Australia, Published January 18, 2024
Despite Pope Francis' call for a global ban on surrogacy, the practice is becoming more common.