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Lebanese Journalist & Writer

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Gendered perspectives on Israel's war on Gaza: The Unseen Effects on Women and Children

Global, Published June 22, 2024
In its seventh month, the war on Gaza persists as a dire assault on women. According to UN Women, over 10,000 women have tragically lost their lives, with nearly half of them being mothers, leaving behind thousands of orphaned children.

Lebanon's secret tragedy: Shedding light on child marriage

Global, Published May 7, 2024
Amidst the laughter and triumphs, the question persists: Why? Why does society still cling to archaic traditions that rob young girls of their agency and autonomy?
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Beyond the headlines: The untold crisis of women's health in Middle Eastern and North African conflict zones

Global, Published February 18, 2024
Where chaos reigns supreme, the silence speaks volumes, echoing the continuous erosion of women's rights and the relentless bleeding of their lives in the MENA region. To turn a blind eye to these realities is to perpetuate the crisis, to consign generations of women to the shadows of neglect and exploitation.

Millions of women in the Middle East and Arab world are suffering. During heavy times, the hope lies in their collective strength

Global, Published December 21, 2023
The present moment for women in the Middle East is arduous and filled with pain. For Lebanese journalist and writer Batoul Yazbeck, the way out will require nothing short of a paradigm shift away from the oppressive grip of entrenched masculine power in the region.
The Temple Mount - the golden Dome of the Rock mosque in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel

Silent tragedy: Palestinian women and children struggling for basic human rights in the Hamas-Israeli conflict

Global, Published October 22, 2023
Lebanese journalist Batoul Yazbeck breaks down the latest developments in Gaza, and shines a light on some of the most vulnerable people in the world right now, Palestinian women and children.
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Improving climate resilience and social justice for women in the Middle East and North Africa region go hand in hand

Global, Published September 27, 2023
From desertification to erratic rainfall, the MENA region faces significant climate change challenges. Lebanese reporter Batoul Yazbeck argues that a gender lens is essential to break down who stands to lose the most, and why empowering women can result in better policy responses.

Challenges faced by female journalists in Lebanon and the Middle East: Advocating for press freedom and gender equality

Global, Published August 29, 2023
Women journalists in Lebanon and the Middle East face challenges in press freedom and gender equality. This can hinder their reporting and put them at risk of harassment and discrimination. Supporting and uplifting these journalists is crucial to ensure their voices are heard and their work valued.