Do you have a point of view or story that has been overlooked by newsmakers? Submit a pitch or an article to Missing Perspectives about an issue that interests you, or impacts your community. We want young women to take centre-stage in telling their own stories. We publish both opinion pieces and news stories.

What we look for

We are always on the lookout for new perspectives and stories to publish on Missing Perspectives. We are particularly interested in opinion pieces and news stories about issues that impact women and their communities on a local or regional level - but are also relevant to our global audience.

Missing Perspectives is a platform dedicated to elevating the voices of women aged 18-30, however welcome submissions from women outside of this age bracket. We have an inclusive definition of women, and welcome submissions from trans women, and those who are non-binary, gender non-conforming, and anyone who identifies as a woman in a way that is significant to them.

We accept the following submissions on a rolling basis:

  • Articles: 250 - 500 words

  • Features and interviews: 800 - 1600 words

  • Collections of photography

We commission original news reporting and investigative pieces, however prefer to work with journalists who have been referred to us from other newsrooms.


When submitting an article or pitch to Missing Perspectives, please note the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should include a bio of up to 100 words and a photo to accompany the piece

  • Articles should not contain any formal academic referencing (bibliographies and footnotes) and should instead use hyperlinks

  • Our editorial values are outlined below.

How to submit

Please submit your article to with the subject line ‘SUBMISSION - [insert name]’.

As we are run by a small team, we will aim to respond within 48 hours. We have an editorial committee that will select and review articles and pitches for publication.

The safety of our contributors is paramount, so please contact us at to discuss any concerns or requests (e.g. using a pseudonym).

Please note that submitting an article to Missing Perspectives does not guarantee publication.

Unfortunately, because Missing Perspectives receives a high number of submissions on a daily basis, the editorial board will have to pass on some material and cannot reply to all authors who submit content. If you do not hear from the editorial committee within 5 business days, please assume that we will not be able to publish your article. You should then feel free to publish it elsewhere.

Our editorial values

We are an independent and non-partisan newsroom that operates in the public interest.

At Missing Perspectives, we recognise that our credibility depends on the accuracy of our news reporting. Our Publishing Agreement requires that reasonable efforts be made to ensure accuracy in all fact-based content submitted to Missing Perspectives (as distinct from expressions of opinion). All news articles are subjected to fact-checking by our editorial team, with robust processes and training developed in tandem with leading news experts and journalists.

Transparency is important to our newsroom. As part of our Publishing Agreement, Missing Perspectives contributors are expected to disclose any conflicts of interest relevant to their content submitted to Missing Perspectives.

We are also committed to accuracy, and correcting any errors and clarify misleading information. We correct mistakes on our website promptly and explain any corrections. If you have a complaint about original content on Missing Perspectives, please get in touch with our Managing Director at We will then consider the complaint against our guidelines and respond in due course.